Success Story!

Thank you to Lorraine (not her real name) for calling to report her wonderful news! She attended the McNally Nutrition Panel on March 10th, where four of us talked about diet changes, and gluten intolerance. She went home, removed gluten from her diet, and lost 18 pounds in 7 days! She also lost puffiness from her face, and a considerable amount of abdominal bloating. Lorraine had previously been struggling, for many years, with many symptoms, and medical intervention had not given her the tools she needed. She is using both of the books Eat Away Illness and Cook Your Way to Health (available at to make tasty alternatives for herself and her family that do not contain gluten.

Gluten is in wheat, barley, rye, spelt, kamut, oats processed in a regular facility, and triticale. Gluten free grains are wild rice, brown rice, millet, buckwheat, oats processed in an uncontaminated facility, quinoa, amaranth, corn and teff. Get in the habit of making different whole grains to give your body a variety, as well as less gluten.

Paulette Millis
Author, Speaker & Registered Nutritional Consultant


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