Kookin’ With Kids

Cooking with kids of organic producers Saturday morning – an exciting experience! We had a great time making Banana Oat Pancakes, Garbanzo Nuts, Uncooked Granola Seed Bars, Lemon Curd, Chickpea Spread, Meusli and Savory Pepitas, all with as many organic ingredients as I could find. There were few leftovers! Three of the children (with their mothers in tow) bought the cookbook Cook Your Way to Health so that they could reproduce recipes that they liked. My books Eat Away Illness and Cook Your Way to Health are available at http://www.healingwithnutrition.ca.

I am grateful to Marion McBride and Brenda Frick for inviting me, and to the Organic Crop Improvement Association for having me present at their conference on Eat Away Illness as well as cook with the children.

To see the picture and read the article from the Leader Post, click on the address below.


Paulette Millis
Author, Speaker & Registered Nutritional Consultant


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