Eatin’ is Easy in Summer! Fast Little Pizzas!

Oh, the joy of putting together a nutritious meal in minutes, with ingredients you have on hand. Last night a friend came over unexpectedly for the evening meal. I pondered what would be quick, nutritious and tasty. I decided on my fast little pizzas. I had Ezekiel wraps and cooked black beans frozen, and red pepper, onion and cheese on hand. So that was the main course. For a salad, it was wonderful to be able to go to my garden beds and pick 3 kinds of fresh lettuce, small kale leaves, arugula, basil, oregano, French tarragon, and chives. Stock up on these simple ingredients and try the two recipes below for a healthy quick summer meal.

Fast Little Pizzas:
8″ Ezekial wraps (or other whole grain wraps)
organic salsa, mild, medium, or hot, depending on tastes
cooked organic black beans (see note below)
red pepper thinly sliced
onion thinly sliced
Goat mozarella (or other cheese if you can handle regular dairy products)

1. Lay each wrap on pizza stone or pan, spread with salsa.
2. Sprinkle about 1/2 cup of thawed cooked black beans evenly over salsa.
3. Place sliced peppers and onions evenly over beans.
4. Top with thick slices of mozarella.
5. Broil at 450 degrees fahrenheit until cheese is melted, and slightly browned, approximately 10 minutes. Watch carefully to ensure it doesn’t overcook.
6. Slide onto individual plates and serve with a salad.

Variations: any vegetables in thin slices; black olives; cooked chicken pieces, cooked shrimp in place of beans; avocado slices on top after removing from oven.

Notes: Ezekiel brand are organic sprouted whole grain tortillas, great for these little pizzas, but they do not roll easily for wrapping. They contain a sprouted legume as well, making them a high quality protein.

Having your own cooked organic beans frozen ahead of time is a wonderful way to make nutrient dense beans in a minute. See both Eat Away Illness and Cook Your Way to Health for the instructions on cooking 4 kinds of legumes at once and storing. Both books are available at

Extra Fresh Salad:
lots of different greens
sliced radishes, coloured peppers
fresh herbs of choice

raw cashews, pecans, or other nuts
toasted sesame seeds
raw saurkraut (or processed if you have to!
hemp oil
Bragg’s liquid vegetable seasoning
Toss all ingredients except oil and Braggs into a large bowl and serve.
Let each person sprinkle their salad with the oil and a squirt or two of Braggs.
Tasty and nutritious!

Stay tuned for more “Eatin’ is Easy in Summer!” and I welcome your comments.

Paulette Millis
Author, Speaker & Registered Nutritional Consultant


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