Eat Away Illness says “Eatin’ is Easy in Summer” Watermelon Cooler!

My neighbour and I were out walking last night, and she mentioned she had just bought a large watermelon and didn’t know how they would eat all of it. I said that I use a watermelon cooler when it is hot weather, so we decided I should blog this for all of you…

Watermelon Cooler! What better way to quench your thirst on a hot day and serve up some nutrients as well? If you feel decadent, you can use ice cream; or if you wish to use all healthy ingredients, the recipe follows.

frozen watermelon cubes, about 2 cups per serving
1 cup per serving pure water or milk of choice, for example unsweetened almond breeze, hemp milk, goat milk, or dairy milk
1 cup vanilla ice cream or frozen plain yogurt cubes
raw blue agave sweetener if desired when using yogurt to taste

Prepare the watermelon and yogurt when you have time, and these coolers will be ready in minutes.

1. Purchase a large ripe watermelon and peel and cut in chunks or large dice. Freeze on a cookie sheet and then place in a ziplock bag.
2. If using yogurt, freeze plain yogurt in ice cube trays. May place in ziplock bags as well to keep fresh.
3. Using a blender or magic bullet, place desired amount of watermelon in blender with water or milk of choice and blend briefly.
4. Add ice cream or yogurt cubes and sweetener and blend to a slushy consistency. Do not overblend, although the drink is still lovely.
5. Place a sprig of fresh mint on top of glass if you have it, add a large straw and serve!

Adjust the amount of watermelon you like, as well as the other ingredients. You may wish to use very little liquid, and have a very thick shake. A great way to increase your vegetable protein would be to use pure water with 1/4 cup raw hemp seeds instead of other milk choices.

Please feel free to add your own variations in my comment section!

Paulette Millis
Author, Speaker & Registered Nutritional Consultant


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