Brain Food! Thank you!

Thank you to the 40 people who showed up at McNally Robinson on a cold night to listen to me enthuse about the wonderful foods available to us to keep our brain healthy!

I really appreciate the support, and sincerely hope each of you received several new ideas to add to your lifestyle, whether to improve memory, depression, learning abilities, or aging. Or maybe you just wanted to add nutrient dense foods to your diet, and knew you could count on me!

Everyone received a sample of Wonderful Nut Muffins to show how we could get healthy fat into us in the form of almonds, while enjoying a real treat. The recipe is in Eat Away Illness page 396. One participant brought to our attention that another recipe called Banana Nut Cake on page 133 in Cook Your Way to Health is a similar product, providing lots of unsaturated healthy fat in nut form.

Congratulations to Sandra, the winner of the new cooking DVD, soon to be available on my website

A special thanks to my two helpers, Alandra and Doug, to all of those who purchased books, and McNally staff.

I would appreciate comments from anyone, particularly those who were in attendance.


Paulette Millis
Author, Speaker & Registered Nutritional Consultant


2 Responses to Brain Food! Thank you!

  1. Cheryl Carter says:

    In your beet and cucumber salad recipe, what is “healthy mayonnaise”?

    • Hi Cheryl;

      Good question! Healthy mayonnaise is either made with whole ingredients, such as the recipes in my books, or bought from a health food store with healthy fats, no unhealthy preservatives, and sometimes organic ingredients.


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