Further news of the raw milk issue.

My last blog was about the raw milk issue, and I received comments of interest, so for those people, here is an update on what is going on today in Wisconsin.

“Citizens are rallying today in Wisconsin in support of Vernon Hershberger, the raw milk farmer who is being threatened with years in prison for milking a cow and offering the product for sale. This is a big deal. NaturalNews will post videos from this over the weekend. In the mean time, here’s the announcement”:

And here’s where you can watch the live video feed of the rally on Friday morning:

Paulette Millis
Author, Speaker & Registered Nutritional Consultant


One Response to Further news of the raw milk issue.

  1. Cory says:

    I suggest that this problem is not a health issue… it is an economic one.

    For it to be a health issue, the law would have to state that it is illegal to consume raw milk… and though I don’t know the details, I’m pretty confident that this is not the case. The farmer is fighting for the right to sell raw milk, not the right to produce or drink it.

    I think that part of the reason why health issues exist is because we, as individuals, continue to seek better solutions through environments that simply cannot provide them. Nowadays, we get our food almost exclusively from what can be generically called a “food distribution system”. The key concept here is “system”. This food acquiring methodology is designed, first and foremost, as a “system”… and the very nature of that system is founded on efficiency of distribution and commerce… not health. Trying to change the underlying foundation of this system is like trying to replace someone’s brain while they are still using it… an impossible task, in my opinion.

    I’m quite sure the law does not say I cannot produce and consume my own raw milk, or that I cannot distribute it. What I believe the law does say is that I cannot profit from it without it the possibility of that action passing through scrutiny. The law is concerned with unregulated profiteering… an attempt to prevent exploitation, which is a noble pursuit in principle, though I don’t deny the fallibility of it due to the fact that the nature of regulation comes from yet another of our wonderful “systems” ( a topic for another day… but suffice to say that having a reasonable attitude of scrutiny towards things is something I think should be at the personal level, not the community level ).

    I think the farmer in this issue has a clear choice. If their concern is for economic rights, they can fight for them. If they are truly concerned for human health, then they can find ways for humans to benefit from their products that is detached from economics. In other words… don’t profit from it and the regulators may not only allow it, they may even applaud it ( government loves when people “give” to the community… it’s good for their business ).

    Looking at the issue as it is and has actually been happening, I can assume that the farmer is more concerned with economic rights than health ( or that they are confused about the difference )… and in that case the comments I’ve written here are more about how to read a new story like this rather than about what the farmer or the regulators should or shouldn’t do. Whether the farmer wins or loses this particular fight does not have to impact the health of other individuals, as the story’s sense of “crisis” seems to imply. It is economic freedom that is in question with this story, not health freedom. If/when a news story comes up about a person fighting for their right to drink raw milk… that’s when this, in my opinion, would be a health issue.

    ~ Cory

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