Welcome to WOTS!!! Sunday September 23.

You’re Invited!!! Come on down to Saskatoon’s 2nd annual Word on the Street! There are four tents with ongoing entertainment, all free, in Civic Square on the street in front of the Frances Morrison Library and around City Hall. 11:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. www.thewordonthestreet.ca/wots/saskatoon

I have a booth with my books for sale, and my chatty self, at your disposal! Please stop by. Sign up now for my two upcoming public presentations, “Brain Food” and “Guilt Free Christmas Goodies”.

Paulette Millis
Author, Speaker & Registered Nutritional Consultant


5 Responses to Welcome to WOTS!!! Sunday September 23.

  1. Ann Kinzel says:

    Hi Paulette:

    When is the next two presentations, and where?

    Ann Kinzel, P.A.

    Kinzel Accounting and Tax Service


    phone: 306-477-2012 or 306-477-2779

    fax: 306-374-9231

    • Hi Ann;

      October 19th at Rusty MacDonald library, same auditorium, 7:00p.m. Brain Food.
      November 29th, same place, same time. Guilt Free Christmas Goodies.

      More details will go out on the blog and the web beforehand.


  2. Shiny Girls says:

    Beautiful (marketing & promo), wish we could appear like magic, that would be fun. We are right now in Ottawa, heading out to Montreal for a vsit for days, then ackto K town….. miss you, wish we all lived closer. Be well sweet friend, love, hugz, Shiny Girls

    Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2012 22:38:29 +0000 To: hollyshaven@hotmail.com

  3. eleanorpastoor@sasktel.net says:

    Hi Paulette

    Sorry we couldn’t be at WOTS. It was a beautiful day and I’m sure it was a successful day.

    Please register me and my friend Eleanor Pastoor and Louise Fraser for Oct 19 Brain Food Nov 29 Guilt Free Christmas Cookies

    While I am thinking of it, thank you also for meeting with my friend, Doris Miller. She said she was pleased with the session with you and will do so again.

    Eleanor Pastoor eleanorpastoor@sasktel.net 978-2602

    • Thank you Eleanor. You are both on the list for both presentations! To save $10 each, please mail your cheques ahead of time to Box 25118, River Heights RPO, Saskatoon, S7K 8B7. See you then!

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