The Joy of Organic Turkeys!

Does anyone else do this???? Every fall I purchase these wonderful organic turkeys, fresh, and cut them into meal size servings to freeze. Having turkey breast steaks during the winter is so wonderful. Or roasting one large turkey leg, which serves 2 people, knowing you have the ultimate in healthy protein, no antibiotics or growth hormones, and all you have to do is walk to your freezer and remove one leg! It is so convenient, and ensures our quality protein consumption throughout the winter. Imagine the usual weekly searching for quality poultry at supermarkets and coming up with, at best, ‘free run’ birds. I am so grateful that here in Saskatchewan we have so many consciousness farmers growing good quality food. Knowing the farmer means I know that the turkeys I purchase had free access to fresh air, sunshine, and foraging, rather than a small area, and/or small amount of time seeing the daylight, thus legally allowing the grower to call the turkeys ‘free run’.

Two of my friends joined me this fall in learning how to cut up these big birds for freezing. What fun! Thank you to Gwen and Colleen for being so brave, and wielding those big knives. We had an audience in the form of one new immigrant from China, who was aghast at the thought of purchasing large amounts of turkey, and freezing it for the years use. She hovered over us, exclaiming, without the use of English, not to harm ourselves with the knives.

Thank you to Laureen LaBrash of Lumsden for our turkeys! Here is a recipe idea that Colleen gave me; it is delicious.

Sauteed Turkey Nuggets:

Cut turkey breast into nugget size, about 1 – 2″ in diameter.
Lightly coat with brown rice flour.
Roll in beaten egg.
Lightly coat again with brown rice flour.
Saute in coconut oil in medium hot saute pan until lightly browned.
Sprinkle crushed rosemary and balsamic vinegar over cubes, stirring to combine.
Serve with a fresh salad and roasted baby potatoes.


Paulette Millis
Author, Speaker & Registered Nutritional Consultant


2 Responses to The Joy of Organic Turkeys!

  1. This is a great idea. We are doing the same thing with our chickens and turkeys this fall. We are very grateful to support and help a young family who are raising healthy, free range, out of cage, eat grass and actually see the sun.

    A must watch is FoodInc. available on NetFlix

    Thank You for the recipe idea on nuggets.

  2. Laureen LaBrash says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Paulette!!! It is truly an honour to be part of your family tables, ladies….and awesome to meet you Gwen and Colleen!!! All the best and hope you enjoy the turkeys, ladies!!
    LaBrash Organic Veggies, Etc.

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