Lime and Lemon Rinds – Make your Own Healthy Powdered Rinds!

I love all the new recipes coming out with powdered lime rinds in the salad dressings!  And I have been using powdered lemon and orange rinds in many of my recipes, for example Lemon Curd.  These delicious additions to your pantry are loaded with vitamin C, and that zingy taste many of us love.  It is most IMPORTANT that you use organic fruits only,  to prevent all of those pesticides getting into your system.   Whenever you happen to see a bag of organic limes, or lemons, buy the whole bag and make powdered rinds.

I find 1 tbsp. fresh is about the same as 1 tbsp. dried in most recipes.

Rinds (Custom)Rinds2 (Custom)

First I scrub the fruits well, then peel them.  I place small pieces of rind on dehydrator trays.

Making rinds3 (Custom)

I like to dehydrate at 105 degrees, as this low temperature maintains the nutrition.  Alternately, you may leave them on a plate to dry at room temperature, or in a very low oven.

When very dry, I place small amounts in my Magic Bullet and blend to a powder.   If you do not have a Magic Bullet, you may use a blender or coffee grinder.   Then I store them in pretty glass jars for use.

Rinds4 (Custom)

Juice the remaining fruits, and use or freeze in small containers for future use.

I have several small jars of organic dried orange rinds in my pantry.   One of the recipes I make with them is Orange Rooibos Tea.  Buy large bags of organic plain Rooibos tea.   Combine 3 tbsp. dried orange rind with 2 tbsp. loose rooibos tea and voila!   Orange Rooibos Tea – all organic and very inexpensive.





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