Nominated for Lifetime Achievement Award and Julie Danyluk Award!!

I am so grateful to be nominated for the above two awards at the Canadian School Of Natural Nutrition Alumni conference this weekend in Toronto!  Competition is fierce as there are several of us nominated who have worked hard at educating the public about healing the body through natural nutrition and lifestyle, through writing books, doing public speaking, and much more.

Award Badge 2016


11 Responses to Nominated for Lifetime Achievement Award and Julie Danyluk Award!!

  1. Lorena Baker says:

    Congratulations! So happy for you.

  2. Congratulations Paulette! You and I spoke 3 years ago when I was just beginning my education in holistic nutrition. You were a major motivating factor for me to pursue my 2nd career. I’m so pleased to see you being recognized for all you have done for the industry and your clients.

  3. Infinity Business says:

    Excellent news! Congratulations on your nomination and good luck!

    Take care, Della

    “sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye” H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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  4. marion mutala says:

    congrates and good luck

    Marion Mutala
    Author of Trilogy
    Baba’s Babushka: A Magical Ukrainian Christmas/Easter/Wedding
    or need an idea ask
    marion the idea gal

  5. Wendy says:

    Congratulations you’ve done a great job. Appreciate you knowledge Good Luck!!

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  6. karenrealfood says:

    Congratulations on the nomination – you’ve earned it and I do hope you win the award!

  7. Della says:

    Congratulations on your nomination!

  8. S&D Bakker says:

    well done Paulette, it’s fantastic that your hard work is beaning acknowledged.


  9. Betty Drennan says:

    Congrats Paulette! You so deserve this recognition! Hugs. BETTY.

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  10. Colleen Carr-Rodin says:

    Oh Paulette. Congratulations! I would have said so earlier if I had seen this. How Wonderful for you. I hope you win this! You deserve it and have earned it for sure! If I can vote, let me know. Cause I sure will! Love you Colleen

    Sent from my iPad


  11. Francine says:

    Congratulations! You deserve to win!

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