Nutrients for Thyroid health

Thank you to all who attended my presentation on Women’s Health at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday, especially the men!!!  I promised I would post a list of some of the nutrients important for thyroid health, and the foods that contain them.

Key Nutrients for Thyroid Function:

(I recommend pasture raised meats, particularly if using organ meats like the liver, organic and pasture raised eggs and dairy, and wild fish products)

Iron – red meat, particularly organ meats, nutritional yeast, dark leafy greens, lentils, pumpkin seeds.

Iodine – sea vegetables (nori, kelp, and dulse), shrimp, milk, eggs, seafood, navy beans, strawberries.

Tyrosine – meat, fish, shellfish, and poultry, eggs, yogurt, pumpkin seeds, avocados.

Zinc – oysters, red meat, particularly organ meats, pumpkin seeds.

Selenium – brazil nuts, meat, fish, shellfish, and poultry.

Vitamin E – sunflower seeds, almonds, dark leafy greens, avocados.

Vitamin B2 – dark leafy greens, yogurt, crimini mushrooms, asparagus.

Vitamin B3 – chicken, turkey, nutritional yeast.

Vitamin B6 – poultry, red meat, particularly organ meats, nutritional yeast.

Vitamin C – papaya, bell peppers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, oranges, pineapple.

Vitamin D – salmon, milk, egg yolks, mushrooms, THE SUN.

Vitamin A (as beta carotene) – sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, squash, red peppers.

Vitamin A (as retinol) – liver, cod liver oil (fermented is better), egg yolks, butter.


Make a list of foods that you like from the above and regularly include them in your meal planning and grocery shopping.    They contribute to proper production of thyroid hormones.

Find recipes that you like to help with changing your regular choices, for example, try the Sweet Potato Brownie in the September 2015 blog post.

Sweet Potato Brownies 3CSNN Cert Mark (Custom)


5 Responses to Nutrients for Thyroid health

  1. Ann Kinzel says:

    So interesting, too bad I wasn’t there. When are you doing another presentation?

    Ann Kinzel Bueckert, P.A.

    Kinzel Accounting & Tax Service

    4110 Clarence Ave S

    Grasswood, SK S7T 1A8

    306-477-2779, Fax 306-374-9231

  2. says:

      THANK YOU!!! Paulette for another great presentation!!!  There’s always more info than you can cover in one session. I will read this more thoroughly and in your book.  And then call you to set up a time to talk. Eleanor Pastoor

  3. says:

    Hello Paulette,

    Thanks for the list of nutrients for thyroid health. What is nutritional yeast?

    Hilda Voth

    • Your welcome. Nutritional yeast is a flaked yeast, not for baking or rising bread, but to use as an addition to the diet for vitamins and other nutrients. You can purchase it in health food stores, and use it on popcorn, in making non-dairy cheese, and in casseroles for a cheesy flavor if you don’t want to use dairy.

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