Healing Depression Naturally

Please join me at the 2nd Annual Canadian Mental Health Association fundraiser at the Farmer’s Market Sunday September 16, 2018 at 2:00p.m.  Check out all of the activities at http://www.nvigorate.ca


 What CAN we do without using drugs to relieve symptoms of depression?  Learn how to enhance your quality of life with nutrition and lifestyle changes:

  • how macronutrients can have a tremendous impact on your mood and energy level.
  • how your gut health affects your brain function.
  • how balancing hormones, and supporting thyroid function can relieve symptoms of depression.
  • which foods, which combinations of foods, and what quantity of these foods are ideal.
  • which foods to avoid, and why.
  • how to use supplements and which ones are useful for various symptoms.

To register for this one hour presentation go to http://www.nvigorate.ca/millis

Ferments (Custom)

Fermented foods for Gut Health.


And a reminder that the Preserve the Bounty workshop for fermenting and dehydrating foods is September 21, 2018, held at my center north of Borden.   Please call to register and hook up with car pooling.  306-244-8890.

Hope to see you soon!







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