Healing Depression Naturally Thank You!

What a great event yesterday at the Farmer’s Market in Saskatoon!  Thank you to Betty Forbes with her Seabuckthorn berries for sponsoring me to do this presentation.  I was also treated to the Chef’s lunch – very good!

We discussed many areas of opportunity to make changes in our diet and our lives, to enable us to have a more vibrant, energetic life without symptoms of depression.   We looked at gut health, thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, amino acids tyrosine and tryptophan and their role in depression, to name a few.  We also experienced an elixor made with superfoods.   Thanks to Wally’s Market Garden for donating fresh herbs for the healing teas used in this smoothie, and Betty for the seabuckthorn berries.Healing Depression Sept. 18 6

Thank you to all who attended, and particularly BJ who assisted with draws, making elixor, and packing up!  Due to this response I am considering doing a 2 day Healing With Depression retreat here in Heartwood House, complete with therapies and organic meals. Please email or call if you are interested.

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