Christmas Sale!

Now is the time to build your health….

Half Price sale on best seller healing manual EAT AWAY ILLNESS as well as half price on What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You About Food, Book 1, 2, and 3, and Cook Your Way to Health.

Everything has slowed down here, including getting these books out there to help people when they need them the most! Covid has certainly changed all of our lives, and in many caused Covid Spread! I encourage you to take this time to rebuild your body from the inside out, build your immunity, and reduce inflammation.

Eat Away Illness is half theory and half recipes. Everything you need to know to increase your vitality, get rid of many symptoms, get the skinny on the amount of proteins, carbs and fats needed, pump up the thyroid, balance hormones, get a leg up on improving or eliminating autoimmune, and much more. The recipes are gluten and dairy free for the most part, and all whole foods; no white flour or sugar. This book retails for $47.50 plus tax, and now you can take it home for $25!

Cook Your Way to Health and the three What our Doctor Doesn’t Tell You are half price as well, retailing for $20 plus tax and on sale for $10! These handy little books (about 200 pages) make great stocking stuffers.

For more information about these books, see

You will notice on my website that there are also quilts for sale! Yup. You could give the gift of a cozy quilt to that special someone.

As you know I live an hour from the city, so the books will be available for pickup in the city; or if you choose mailing, postage will apply.

Blessings for a healthy and peaceful Christmas season!


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