Do You Need to Make a Fast Healthy Meal? Read On……

This simple to make Bean and Rice Medley is nutrient dense and includes good quality protein, complex carbohydrates and lots of veggies…..

Did you know that combining whole legumes such as garbanzos and whole grains like brown rice complete the amino acid balance for a good quality protein?  Meaning, it replaces animal proteins such as eggs, meat, poultry, and fish.  (if you wish to learn more or refresh your memory on this information, see Eat Away Illness, under Healthy Eating 101, page 29.  If you do not have this book, you may download it from my website in pdf form, or order it.) 

In this recipe you may use whichever legume you prefer, and whichever whole grain you prefer, enabling you to make many different variations on the theme.  Choose many different veggies each time; choose different condiments for different flavors.  This dish reheats nicely if you make enough for two days.  I like to use it when I am accumulating a lot of veggies in the fridge.   Be brave! Try it for breakfast!!

One of the time saving tips I often use is to cook whole grain brown rice, wild rice, and several different kinds of beans, separately, and freeze them on cookie sheets, then place in sealed container in freezer, ready for quick meals of all kinds.  Brown rice takes 45 minutes to cook, wild rice 60 minutes, and dried legumes about 1 1/2 hours, so take one day when you are home and prep all of this ahead of time, for month long time savers.

Cooking dried legumes is in itself another topic, so for now check the instructions on page 423 in Eat Away Illness, to make four separate kinds of beans at once.

I don’t know about you, but this cold weather is getting me into the kitchen, often, so I like to have lots of healthy choices available.  Try to avoid comforting yourself with the many recipes using white sugar and white flour. Check past blog entries for some new ideas on tasty alternatives.



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