Breakfast Without Bread!

I’m continuing my quest for healthier breakfasts…. so check out the video below for Quinoa Spoon Bread!

As we begin to find yummy whole food substitutes for breads and refined flour products, and we begin to eliminate flour products from our diet, our cells begin to heal. This lifestyle change will benefit you in many ways, as healing the cell linings promote better all around health, whether it is allergies, weight gain, and/or diagnosed illness.

Begin be choosing one recipe at a time to implement into your lifestyle, and if you and your family like it, plan to enjoy it weekly, thereby increasing your nutrient dense food considerably over the course of one year.

Quinoa Spoon Bread recipe is on the video and on page 328 in the healing manual Eat Away Illness. If you don’t own this book, it can be purchased as a book or as a pdf download from my website.

I will be doing consulting over the phone for the near future; feel free to call 306-244-8890 to book an appointment.

Finally getting out into the yard, and dreaming of the garden and wonderful produce to come.

Flowers and veggies!

Take care of your health, and keep safe.



One Response to Breakfast Without Bread!

  1. Patricia says:

    I live your quinoa bread,I’ve been thinking about it, so now l’m going to make some. I think l’ll try using some Blueberries in your Saskatoon Pudding for Breakfast receipe.
    Looking forward to seeing your beautiful yard this summer ,l hope.

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