Cool Salads for Hot Weather!

Wow! the temperature here is scorching! I’m grateful for my freezer with prepared items I can put together quickly. Wild rice and long grain brown rice are cooked ahead, cooled, and frozen lying flat, then placed in a ziploc bag or glass container if possisble. Making the salad in the video today then takes minutes.

Kim’s Wild Rice Salad page 92 in Eat Away Illness.

The weather was great for the Thickwood Hills Arts and Crafts day held June 12 and 13. Thanks to Doreen and Bryant for inviting me to present on Immunity – keeping us healthy.

Big thanks to Sylvia who helped out all weekend.

A reminder that you are invited to book a retreat here at Heartwood Healing Center, whether a quilting retreat, a healing retreat, a writing retreat, or just to relax and experience healing foods and  time in the country.   The cool basement is calling now that there are sleeping rooms available! Call 306-244-8890 for more info.

Keep cool.  Keep healthy.


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    Thanks Paulette! Rusty

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