Strawberry Chia….ummmmm!

February 24, 2018

I love making things that are super healthy and taste like decadent Milkshakes!!!   Here is my latest concoction.  By using my homemade Almond Milk made with plain coconut water, I have eliminated the need for any added sweetener.  Another bonus is the nutrition, and we know this milk is loaded with calcium and the coconut water helps balance electrolytes.  According to research, the chia seed is a better quality protein than soy, so enjoy this yummy treat feeling good about your choices.  A friend, Marion, posted a chia chocolate recipe for Valentines Day, and in it she blended the fruit with a milk for the liquid base.  Why didn’t I think of that???  Thanks Marion!  This opens up a whole new range of recipes made with chia.  Watch the Wholife magazine in March as it will contain my Chia article.

Strawberry Chia

Strawberry Chia 2 (Custom)

Serves 1.   Double and have ready-made breakfasts for two days.

1/2 cup milk.   I like to use my homemade Almond Milk made with coconut water for an increased nutrient value.   This also eliminates the need for any sweetener.
1/2 cup sliced fresh or frozen organic strawberries
1 tsp. Organic vanilla
2 tbsp. Chia seeds ( or more if a more gel like consistency is desired)
Optional:  1 drop stevia

1.  Blend all ingredients except chia seeds in Magic Bullet or blender.
2.  Measure liquid into serving bowl,  and add more milk to measure 1 cup.
3.  Add chia seeds and store to combine.
4.  Let sit for five minutes and stir again.
5.  Cover and refrigerate overnight or until chia is thickened.
6.  Add more sliced strawberries and serve.

Almond Milk (Custom)

Homemade Almond Milk.

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Quick Energizing Drink, and Carbohydrate Class

January 21, 2018

Make this quick drink for that lull in the afternoon when your energy starts to fade and you start craving unhealthy stuff!   Simply place a piece of watermelon ( or 2 frozen blended watermelon cubes), 1 tsp. dehydrated beet powder, or a small piece of fresh beet, 1 cup of coconut water, 1 tsp. organic lime juice, and a stalk of celery or 3″ piece of cucumber and blend.   My Nutri Bullet does this job in less than a minute.  Drink up!

Watermelon Beet Drink2

Watermelon Beet Drink


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