Nutrition Month Celebration #4 – Supplements!

I often get asked the question “Do I need supplements? I have a healthy diet and do not eat a lot of junk food.”

It is clear we are not getting all the nutrients we need from our food and the reasons are many.  Food production is less than stellar in terms of nutrition and quality, many foods are harvested before they are ripe, soils are exhausted of valuable nutrients and many foods are refined and processed.  Refining means taking away some of the nutrients, for example, the seed coat, where much of the nutrition is stored, and processing means the addition of all kinds of products that have no nutritional value, and in fact sometimes are hazardous to our health.

Often people are unaware of the macro nutrients, (see the last three posts for info), or they do not eat breakfast, and/or regular meals, or they neglect to find ways to get the 4 to 5 cups of fruits and veggies recommended.  All of these contribute to the body suffering a lack of nutrients, and therefore becoming deficient, leading up to disease.
Stress affects nutrient absorption and some drugs deplete the body’s stores of nutrients.  Our Canadian winters keep us inside, contributing to Vitamin D deficiency, a precursor to illness.

For those suffering with nutritional deficiencies, illness or trauma, an assessment by a holistic nutritionist or other qualified person could help rectify this situation with supplements, diet, and lifestyle.  For the average healthy person, a few key supplements will make up for the shortfall in diet, and help build the immune system, and support some of the body’s systems.

Today, I will discuss several supplements that are often helpful. If you own Eat Away Illness, second edition you will find lists of suggested supplements for many health concerns, such as digestion, immunity, inflammation, hormones, thyroid insufficiency, and more. If you wish to purchase this book, you may do so from my website, or call or email me.

Probiotics: help to establish a healthy environment in the intestinal tract. Antibiotic use increases the need for healthy bacteria.

Swedish Bitters: a mixture of bitter herbs that increase bile production, remedy sluggish digestion and alleviate gas.

Apple Cider Vinegar: liquid or tablets is often a good choice for those of us experiencing stomach distress.

Turmeric liquid or capsules: excellent antioxidant, aids in digestion, and often helpful with inflammation.

Oil of Oregano: one of my favorite immune boosters.

Vitamin D and magnesium: many benefits; notably for building immunity.

Fish oils (pharmaceutical grade): for inflammation, joint pain, memory, to name a couple of benefits.

Lugol’s Iodine: support for the thyroid.

Broken Cell Wall Chlorella: benefits are many, including possibly aiding in detoxing heavy metals, enhancing immunity, support for the thyroid, and more.

There are natural supplements available for many of your concerns, whether it be elimination, bone loss, thyroid insufficiency, heart issues, joint pain, and much more. Consult a qualified person for help; purchase the best quality supplements you can find; and check with your pharmacist for possible interaction if you are on any medication.

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